June 2017 - Present



January 25, 2020

Production by Rogan deCalesta

Theatrical Direction by Sean Burke, Eleanor West, Rylan Kateley, Em Martini, Julia Middleton, Ejaiya Davis

Blue Sponsors: Rainbow Optics, The Martini Family

Red Sponsors: Thea & Greg Peck

[poster design: Sean Burke]



If Girls Asked Boys For Dates

Theatrical Direction: Sean Burke

George: Kai Christiansen

Harry: Ben Carson

Nancy: Torrye Torrance

Kay: Paige Guest

Mrs. Smith: Rae Riley

Lighting: Akeedrik Hunter

Sound: Elise Laskey

Stage Manager: Asher Brewer

Costumes: Savanna Post-Himber

On The Porch One Crisp Spring Morning

Theatrical Direction: Eleanor West

Mother: Vivien Tritch

Daughter: Sara Beeman

Lighting: Tristan Clark

Sound: Colin Mirkovic

Stage Manager: Taz Jentzsch

Costumes: AJ Higgins

The Door

Theatrical Direction: Rylan Kateley

Justin: Ian Fay

Grace: Clover Cilley-Priem

The Voice: Jac Johnson

Lighting: Connor Behrens

Sound: Elise Laskey

Stage Manager: Taz Jentzsch

Costumes: Elise Lamb

13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview

Theatrical Direction: Em Martini

Interviewer 1, Melvin, Jason: Riley Given

Interviewer 2, Lily, Eve: Bella Lauf

Harold, Brett, Jeff, Ben: Johnny Moore

Maria, Kelly, Elizabeth, Emily: Aimee Coulter

Lighting: Akeedrik Hunter

Sound: Quinn Meston-Stapleton

Stage Manager: Taz Jentzsch

Costumes: Amanda Strauss

A Long Trip

Theatrical Direction: Julia Middleton, Ejaiya Davis

Older Man: Da'Mauryay Wright

Older Woman: Talia Peck

Younger Man: Jackson Garrett

Younger Woman: Rowan Lovering

Lighting: Torrye Torrance

Sound: Elise Laskey

Stage Manager: Jac Johnson

Costumes: Michael Leiner



November 2019
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by Rowan Lovering
Blue Sponsors: Rainbow Optics, The Martini Family
Red Sponsors: Thea & Greg Peck
[poster design: Sean Burke]

Fifteen year old Christopher Boone discovers his neighbor's dog, Wellington, murdered. He decides to investigate the murder and chronicles the investigation in a journal. Aided, and sometimes hampered, by the mild form of autism he lives with, Christopher sets into motion a series of events in which he discovers how much he is actually capable of.



Christopher: Rogan deCalesta
Siobhan: Talia Peck
Ed: Sean Burke
Judy: Vivien Tritch
Voice 1: Em Martini
Voice 2: Ben Carson
Voice 3: Taiga Hadwen
Voice 4: Da'Mauryay Wright
Voice 5: Ejaiya Davis
Voice 6: Julia Middleton
Sound Design: Jac Johnson, Katey Hazen
Light Design: Torrye Torrance
Stage Manager: Asher Boyer
Costume Design: Ruthie Wilson
Tech Manager: Elise Laskey



May 2019
Orchestral Direction by Chris Mudd
Vocal Direction by Jacob Steinberger
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by George Butterick
[poster design: Melodie Nix]

Into The Woods tells the story of three families, each with their own wish. Through trial and tribulation within the Woods, your well-known fairy tale characters learn to be careful what you wish for.



Narrator: Sean Burke
Cinderella: Natalie Musgrove
Jack: Rogan deCalesta
Jack's Mother: Devin Bahr
The Baker: Avery Bernardo
The Baker's Wife: Ariel Long
Cinderella's Stepmother: Ejaiya Davis
Lucinda: Vivien Tritch
Florinda: Rowan Lovering
Cinderella's Father: Dymitri Benson
Little Red Riding Hood: Julia Middleton
The Witch: Sara Blythe
Cinderella's Mother: Hannah Whalen
Mysterious Man: Ryan Dallimore
Rapunzel: Em Martini
Cinderella's Prince/Wolf #1: George Butterick
Rapunzel's Prince/Wolf #2: Johnny Moore
Granny: Madison Yeash
Steward: Tucker Stevens
Sleeping Beauty/Pig: Talia Peck
Snow White/Pig: Bella Lauf
Giantess/Pig: Meganne Patterson
Assistant Director: George Butterick
Stage Manager: Asher Brewer
Prop Master/Set Design: Melodie Nix
Set Design: Alex Patton
Costume Design: Ruthie Wilson
Sound Design: Elise Laskey, Quinn Meston-Stapleton, Katey Hazen
Light Design: Torrye Torrance
Pit Manager, Percussion: Michael Leiner
Brass: Finn Conaway, Ian Fay, Rylan Kately
Keys: Nate Blythe, Emily Clifton
Winds: Kyle Olin, Savannah Post-Himber, Clara Lechman
Percussion: Sonja Nusser
Strings: Isaac Andreason, Dacey Condon, Kat Everett, Kelly Lin, Sarah Scott, Akeedrik Hunter

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January 26, 2019
Production by George Butterick
Theatrical Direction by Ryan Dallimore, Rogan deCalesta, Hannah Whalen, Em Martini, Sean Burke, Ejaiya Davis, George Butterick
[poster design: Torrye Torrance]



The Lottery

Theatrical Direction: Ryan Dallimore, Rogan deCalesta

Tessie: Rowan Lovering

Bill Hutchinson: Sean Burke

Davy: Dymitri Benson

Joe Summers: Tucker Stevens

Belva: Ejaiya Davis

Delacroix: Kincaid Fendler

Dickie: Madison Yeash

Tommy: Paige Guest

Miss Dunbar: Devin Bahr

Martin: Vivien Tritch

Mrs. Watson: Sara Blythe

Jack: Johnny Moore

Old Man Warner: George Butterick

Cuttin' Line

Theatrical Direction: Hannah Whalen

Tom: Madison Yeash

Liz: Talia Peck

Susie: Bella Lauf

Buster: Riley Given

Eunice: Abigail Young

Leona: Melodie Nix

Murder Be Thy Name

Writing, Direction, & Choreography: Em Martini

Josie Wilson: Sara Blythe

Lavinia Fisher: Julia Middleton

The Narrator: Kai Christensen

Townspeople: Ejaiya Davis, Tucker Stevens, Sean Burke, Talia Peck, Clover Priem, Dymitri Benson, Michael Leiner, Eleanor West, Alanna Macdonald, Devin Bahr, Beth Ripka, Megan Thessen, Amaya Clark

Check, Please!

Theatrical Direction: Sean Burke, Ejaiya Davis

Guy: Kai Christensen

Girl: Madison Yeash

Melanie, Pearl, Linda: Julia Middleton

Louis, Brandon, Manny: Kincaid Fendler

Mary, Sophie, Mimi: Em Martini

Ken, Mark, Tod: Johnny Moore

Bang Bang You're Dead

Theatrical Direction: George Butterick

Emily: Madison Yeash

Matt: Ryan Dallimore

Jessie: Sara Blythe

Katie: Em Martini

Michael: Sean Burke

Josh: Rogan deCalesta



November 2018
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by Sara Blythe
[poster design: Sean Burke]

Sheridan Whiteside is a world renown radio host who visits the Stanley household for a dinner party. After falling down a set of stairs on his way out, he breaks his hip and is forced to lengthen his stay. The larger than life Whiteside is simply so outrageous in his treatment of those around him, tensions become high in the Stanley residence. Though he did show his soft spot every once in a while.



Mrs. Stanley: Talia Peck
Miss Preen: Em Martini
Richard Stanley: Jack Lippold
June Stanley: Julia Middleton
John: Torrye Torrance
Sarah: Vivien Tritch
Mrs. Dexter, Prisoner: Aimee Coulter
Mrs. McCutcheon, Deputy: Ryn Torrance
Mr. Stanley: Forest Flynn
Maggie Cutler: Ejaiya Davis
Dr. Bradley: Kincaid Fendler
Sheridan Whiteside: George Butterick V
Harriet Stanley: Madison Yeash
Bert Jefferson: Sean Burke
Professor Metz, Wescott: Alanna Macdonald
Prisoner, Expressman: Eleanor West
Lorraine Sheldon: Melodie Nix
Sandy: Dymitri Benson
Beverly Carlton: Ryan Dallimore
Radio Techhnicians: Quinn Meston-Stapleton, Dane Faircloth
Banjo: Avery Bernardo
Deputies: Gracen Olin, Cabala Newell
Plainclothes Man: Alex Patton
Assistant Director: Sara Blythe
Stage Manager: Sydney Bellon
Prop Master/Set Design: Melodie Nix
Set Design: Alex Patton
Costume Design: Ruthie Wilson
Sound Design: Elise Laskey, Quinn Meston-Stapleton, Katey Hazen
Light Design: Jack Perry, Dane Faircloth



May 2018
Orchestral Direction by Chris Mudd
Vocal Direction by Jacob Steinberger
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by Emily Helm
[poster design: Dymitri Benson]

After 19 years as a prisoner, Jean Valjean is freed by Javert, the officer in charge of the prison workforce. Valjean promptly breaks parole but later uses money from stolen silver to reinvent himself as a mayor and factory owner. Javert vows to bring Valjean back to prison. Eight years later, Valjean becomes the guardian of a child named Cosette after her mother's death, but Javert's relentless pursuit means that peace will be a long time coming. On the other side, Enjolras and Marius bring together an army of barricade boys to fight in the revolution.



Jean Valjean: Ian Gregory
Javert: George Butterick V
The Bishop of Digne, Claquesous: Jack Lippold
Fantine: Emily Westlund
The Foreman: Rae Riley
Bamatabois, Grantaire: Rogan deCalesta
Fauchelevant, Babet: Madison Yeash
Little Cossette: Hannah Whalen
Thenardier, Army Officer: Avery Bernardo
Madame Thenardier: Em Martini
Little Eponine: Clover Priem
Gavroche: Dymitri Benson
Cossette: Ariel Long
Eponine: Sarah Noelle-Heliker
Montparnasse: Andie Fadich
Brujon: Will Taylor
Enjolras: Ryan Dallimore
Marius: Ely Cleland
Combefererre: Vivien Tritch
Feuilly: Natalie Musgrove
Joly: Ejaiya Davis
Jean Prouvaire: Sean Burke
Ensemble: Torrye Torrance, Hailey Brink, Sara Blythe, Kincaid Fendler, Ayla Welfare, Aimee Coulter, Lyla McGuigan, Devin Bahr, Julia Middleton, Brooklyn Davis, Meganne Patterson, Will Kidder, D'Anthony Givens, Devin Thompson, Rowan Lovering
Assistant Director: Emily Helm
Stage Manager: Sydney Bellon
Prop Master: Melodie Nix
Set Design: Imagination Services, LLC
Costume Design: Hannah Brown
Sound Design: Elise Laskey, Quinn Meston-Stapleton
Light Design: Jared Field
Pit Manager, Wind: Olivia Hunt
Brass: Ian Fay, Rylan Kately, Esther Davis, Sam Webster-Bernal, Hannah Alpers, Cabala Newell, Finn Conaway
Keys: Emily Clifton, Mark Wood
Winds: Faith Frank, Savannah Himber, Meghan Mudd, Gillian Kipp, Andrea Webster-Bernal, Kyle Olin, Sarah Scott, Martin Kaiser
Percussion: Finn Juenemann, Elizabeth Raye, Margaret Reardon, Robert Stirling, Morieca Hare
Strings: Isaac Andreason, Dacey Condon, Kelly Lin, Kat Everett, Lily Wilson



March 2018
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by Emily Helm
Choreography by Allison Prince
[poster design: Allison Prince]

Lysander loves Hermia, and Hermia loves Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius; Demetrius previously loved Helena but now loves Hermia. Egeus, Hermia's father, prefers Demetrius as a suitor, and enlists the aid of Theseus, the Duke of Athens. Complications arise in the forest. Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of Fairies, are locked in a dispute over a boy whom Titania has adopted. Oberon instructs his servant Puck to bring him magic love drops, which Oberon will sprinkle on the Queen's eyelids as she sleeps, whereupon Titania will fall in love with the first creature she sees upon awakening. In the midst of this chaos, a group of craftsmen are rehearsing for a production of "Pyramus and Thisbe", the be played for the Duke at his wedding.




Theseus: Devin Thompson

Hippolyta: Emily Helm

Egeus: Julia Middleton

Philostrate: Jack Lippold

Fae Folk:

Oberon: Ian Gregory

Titania: Rowan Lovering

Puck: Em Martini


Hermia: Andrea Fadich

Lysander: Sean Burke

Demetrius: Ejaiya Davis

Helena: Sara Blythe


Peaseblossom: Meg Field-Laskey

Cobweb: Aimee Coulter

Mustardseed: Meganne Patterson

Moth: Hannah Whalen


Bottom: Dymitri Benson

Quince: Kincaid Fendler

Snug/Lio: Beth Ripka

Snout/Wall: Madison Yeash

Starveling/Moonshine: Melodie Nix

Flute/Thisby: D'Anthony Givens


Toad: Rae Riley

George: Jack Lippold

Buttercup: Eleanor West


Assistant Director: Emily Helm

Stage Manager: Sydney Bellon

Prop Master/Set Design: Melodie Nix

Set Design: Alex Patton

Costume Design: Hannah Brown

Sound Design: Elise Laskey, Quinn Meston-Stapleton

Light Design: Torrye Torrance



December 2017
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton
Assistant Direction by Emily Helm
[poster design: Sean Burke]

The Mousetrap is the longest consecutive running show, both on the West End, and, by far, the longest initial run of any play in history, with its 25,000th performance taking place on the 18th of November 2012. The play is based off of a true story, that was adapted into a short story, and then a radio program. It was adapted by the playwright and author Agatha Christie as a murder-mystery.



Mollie Ralston: Emily Westlund
Giles Ralston: Sean Burke
Christopher Wren: George Butterick V
Mrs. Boyle: Em Martini
Major Metcalf: Avery Bernardo
Leslie Casewell: Devin Bahr
Mr. Paravicini: Madison Yeash
Sergeant Trotter: Ryan Dallimore
Radio #1: Kincaid Fendler
Radio #2: Alex Patton
Assistant Director: Emily Helm
Stage Manager: Sydney Bellon
Prop Master/Set Design: Melodie Nix
Set Design: Alex Patton
Costume Design: Hannah Brown
Sound Design: Alden Micklavzina
Light Design: Torrye Torrance



June 2017
Orchestral Direction by Christopher Mudd
Vocal Direction by Jacob Steinberger
Theatrical Direction by Alex Patton, Adam Kelly, Lanny Mitchell
[poster design: Milton Monroe]

Hugh Wheeler's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a thriller set in Victorian England about a murderous barber who extracts revenge on unsuspecting people in London for the cruel abuse of his wife. It is based on the 1973 book by English author Christopher Bond.



Sweeney Todd: Ian Gregory
Mrs. Lovett: Em Martini
Anthony: George Butterick
Johanna: Jessica Searl
Judge Turpin: Milton Monroe
Lucy/Beggar Woman: Emily Helm
Pirelli: Dominic Bernardo
Toby: Ryan Dallimore
Beadle Bamford: Cole Reagan
Fogg, Ensemble: Avery Bernardo
Young Lucy, Ensemble: Madison Yeash
Ensemble: Julia Middleton, Rocio Roberts-Goodban, Andie Fadich, Dymitri Benson, Hannah Whalen, Melodie Nix, Sara Blythe, Ariana Hamrick, Arianna Noel, Will Taylor, Timothy Bouwhuis, McKenzie Cameron
Stage Manager: Sydney Bellon
Prop Master: Jordan Hibbard
Set Design: Dylan Whitney
Costume Design: Beth Gregory, Hannah Brown
Sound Design: Alden Micklavzina
Light Design: Jared Field
Pit Manager, Wind: Olivia Hunt
Brass: Torrye Torrance, Michael Marach, Claire Shepard, Dylan Whitney, Ryan Carwile, Cabala Newell
Keys: Emily Clifton, Ely Cleland
Winds: Autumn Griffin, Erin Kirkman, Isabel Huey, Ben Hawley-Gamer, Brooke Davis, Gillian Kipp, Kyle Olin, Jacob Gibbs, Aaron Reynolds, Meghan Field-Laskey
Percussion: Andrew Austin, Megan Reardon
Strings: Dacey Condon, Kat Everett, Isaac Andreason, Lily Wilson, Aaron Jonathon


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